Engine Valves

As an engine valve manufacturer, we provide high quality engine valves to customers in a variety of fields, including major automobile manufacturers, agricultural machinery manufacturers, and construction machinery manufacturers in Japan.

Division Outline

Applications 4-Wheeled vehicles,  Motorcycles,  Outboard motors,  General-purpose engines
Arbor diameters Stem diameter 4mm to 18.0mm
Umbrella outer diameter:12.0mm to 70.0mm
Materials SUH3 SUH35 SUH11 SUS304 Inconel Titanium  SCM435
Process Types Shear cutting, Friction welding, Upset forging, Extrusion forging, Hheat treatment (quenching and tempering), Straightening, Face/Top filling (PPW TIG), Second forging, Turning and Grinding, Surface treatment
Mold manufacturing equipment, Upsetters, Screw presses, Heat treatment furnaces, Shot blasting machines, Straightening machines, Valve finishing machines


Cutting / ChamferingUpset forgingHeat treatmentMachining