Manufacturing ‘Technology’

We offer coherent production from forging, heat treatment, shot blasting,
machining, to assembly, to meet various demands of our customers.

  • With engine valves and turbocharger components for automobiles at the core of our products, we offer coherent manufacturing from forging hard to manufacture materials such as heat-resistant and abrasion proof materials. It is possible to integrate all stages of production from forging, heat-treatment, machining and to assembly.
  • Currently, we are ranked No.1 for the production of waste gate valves in Japan and provide our products to leading turbocharger makers.
  • We offer coherent manufacturing from die hot forging to machining and small lot order production.
  • We design and manufacture high precision dies.
  • 2002: JIS Q 9001(Quality Management System)

    ISO 9001
  • In March 2017, we were granted IATF 16949 (Quality Management System for automobile industry)