Machining / Assembly

We provide high quality machined products to customers in various fields, including major turbo manufacturers, major automobile manufacturers, and industrial machinery manufacturers.

Division Outline

Applications ①Turbocharger (car, truck) ②Robot-related parts ③Pressure Gauge parts
Main Equipment  

NC Lathe (42)
Machining center (20)
General-purpose lathe (3)
Centerless grinding machine (3)
Precision surface grinder (12)
Universal grinder (1)
CNC optical mimic grinder (3)
Wire electrical
discharge machine (4)

Electrical discharge machine (3)
Coordinate measuring machine (1)
Roughness measuring machine (1)
Shape measuring machine (1)

Machined and Assembled Products

  • Spring cover
    (Construction Machinery parts)
  • Cock
    (Pressure gauge parts)
  • Shaft
    (Turbocharger parts)
  • Turbine housing
    (Turbocharger parts)
  • Separate type waste gate valve assembly(Turbocharger parts)
  • VGS cover
    (Turbocharger parts)
  • Waste gate valve assembly(Turbocharger parts)
  • Bushings
    (Turbocharger parts)
  • Seats
    (Automotive parts)