Engine Valves

Among major domestic engine valve makers, we manufacture engine valves utilizing original facilities using the upset forging method. We have also applied our technology to manufacture other products and supply them to customers in various fields.

Division Outline

Applications Four-wheel drive automobiles, motorcycles, vessels, outboard engines, buggies, general-purpose engines, generators, agricultural machines, snowplows, mowing machines.
Arbor diameters Stem diameter Φ3.5㎜~Φ18.0㎜
Cap outer diameterΦ12.0㎜ ~Φ70.0㎜
Materials Heat-resistant steel (SUH), Ni based materials such as Inconel, Nimonic.
Process Types Shearing cut, friction welding, upset forging, extrusion forging, heat treatment (hardening, annealing), sizing, contact surface welding (PPW TIG), welded part forging, grinding, lathe turning, surface treatment
Upsetting machines, friction press machines, heat treatment furnace, shot blast machines, leveler, valve finishing machines.

Main Work

Cutting / ChamferingUpset forgingHeat treatmentMachining

Engine valves applied parts

  • Diagon
    (leveler for large computer)
  • Turbine shaft
    (turbocharger shaft)
  • Rod
    (construction machine engine)
  • Engine valve