Machining / Assembly

Our machining technology has been developed from in-house forged parts machining into our expertise in machining hard to manufacture materials such as stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, superalloys, heat-resistant cast steel. After machining we also conduct press fitting, riveting and welding during the assembling process. It is possible to integrate all stages of production, from machining to assembly.

Division Outline

Applications Four-wheel drive vehicles, trucks, vessels, pressure gauges, turbochargers
Equipment NC Lathe (42)
Machining center (16)
General-purpose lathe (3)
Centerless grinding machine (3)
Precision surface grinder (12)
Universal grinder (1)
CNC optical mimic grinder (3)
Wire electrical
discharge machine (4)
Electrical discharge machine (3)

Machined and Assembled Products

  • Anchor block for brakes (automobile)
  • V band (for fastening turbine housing, automobile)
  • Cock (pressure gauge cock)
  • Waste gate valve assembly (compact supercharger)
  • Rocker arm (agricultural machine engine)
  • Turbine housing (compact supercharger)
  • Bearings (automobile turbocharger)
  • Separate type waste gate valve assembly (automobile turbocharger)
  • VGS cover (turbocharger cover)