Die Forging

We manufacture products weighing up to 20 kg, using press and hammer die forging machines. Utilizing the best features of pressing and hammering we combine cold forging and coining based on the CAE data, to create a specific manufacturing method ideal for products required by customers’ specifications.
We carry out production processes of direct quenching utilizing forging temperature, heat treatment, such as normalizing and annealing, shot blasting and to machining.

Department overview

Applications automobiles, trucks, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, industrial machinery, general-purpose machinery
Forging Press 1600ton 1
1000ton 2
Cold forging press 630ton 1
400ton 1
300ton 1
Air Drop Hammer 1.5ton 1
1.3ton 1
Annealing furnace 3ton / batch1
Forging hardening and Tempering equipment 2 lines
Shot blast 3  (2 aprons and 1 hanger)

Hammering Forged Products

  • Connecting rod
  • End
  • Camshaft
    (agricultural machine engine)
  • Bracket
    (truck chassis)
  • Crank shaft
    (truck compressor)
  • Housing damper
    (automobile damper)
  • Pitman Arm
    (agricultural machine)

Pressing Forged Products

  • Rod head
    (construction machine cylinder)
  • End flange
    (truck accelerator)
  • Brake wire tension
    (automobile brake)
  • Reducer parts
    (industrial robotics)
  • Cock
    (pressure gauge cock)
  • Chain
    (dairy farm chain)